Summer School Dates: June 5, 2017-July 7, 2017 

       Semester 1: June 5- June 20
       Semester 2: June 21- July 7 (July 4th is a holiday-no school) 
    Summer Bell Schedule:
          7:40 AM                 1st Bell Rings
          7:45 - 10:15           Period 1
          10:15 - 10:30          Snack 
         10:30 - 10:35          Passing
          10:35 - 1:05 PM      Period 2  


    GUSD Remedial Summer School Forms will be mailed to you (incoming 9th) or given to you by your CVHS counselor (current students) for students who need to repeat a failed course required for graduation.

       Please return forms to the CVHS Counseling Office ASAP but no later than April 15th.  

    Enrichment summer programs will be offered by Glendale Educational Foundation - 

       Registration forms must be returned to the GEF Office and are due by April 15th.
       Please Note: Students entering high school DO NOT NEED COUNSELOR SIGNATURE on the forms. 


    Request Form to take Health online with BYU-(Forms are also available in the Rosemont Counseling Office.)

       Requests should be submitted to the CVHS Counseling Office.
       Approval emails will be sent in May.*
       The course may NOT be completed prior to June 1st.
       Students must make arrangements with a proctor who is approved by the BYU online program for the final exam.
       Students must submit official transcripts to CVHS. 

    Request Form to take Summer School at a non-GUSD school (any online program or other school site)*

          *All requests to take summer school online or at a non-GUSD school will be approved in May.
          You will receive an email when your request has been approved. 
    Students wishing to take classes at Options for Youth must pick up the registration forms from OFY and submit them to the CV Counseling Office.  Forms will be processed on a weekly basis after spring break. Please include an email address on the forms so we may contact you when the course is approved. 
    *****Students may only take a MAXIMUM TOTAL OF 15 CREDITS  regardless of where they choose to enroll for summer courses. 
Last Modified on March 7, 2017